duelpersonality's Journal

Well, I'm 17.

Right now I'm bored out of my skull, because I graduated early and my early college plans fell through too late for me to find something else to do.

I like to participate in many sports, especially soccer, but I hate to watch sports. I also enjoy my martial arts classes (what I'm taking is JuJitsu mixed with Karate).

I'm trying to teach myself a few languages (Mandarin, Japanese, maybe German), and I also intend to learn a few others later (Russian, Cherokee[I'm 1/16 or 1/8 Cherokee, depending on what relative you ask].

After this little unplanned break, I intend to enroll at Western Carolina, provided they'll waive the out-of-state tuition costs.

I'm really into music of most types (not country or rap, but I listen to many foreign language bands) and I seem to collect all sorts of outdated music media and players (for instance, I have an 8track player and several 8tracks, a phonograph and about 20 records, about 15 tapes, ~ 150 cds, and over 4000 mp3 files).

I know a little bit about most everything, and I seek out new information all the time, so I guess I'm pretty useless for modern living, but I like to know stuff. I'm good for trivia contests, anyway.

I enjoy a good slash fic, as long as it's a pairing I like. Right now, I think my favorites are Glitch/Cain (Tin Man), Tulio/Miguel (The Road to El Dorado), Chazz/Jimmy (Blades of Glory), Freddy/male victim(s) (especially from Freddy vs. Jason, but also Nightmare on Elm Street), and Fry/Bender (Futurama). I also like Yugi/Yami, Ryou/Bakura, Malik/Marik, Seto/Jou (Yu-Gi-Oh), Charlie/Willy (Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Capt. Jack/Will (Pirates of the Caribbean), and others that I'm not naming because I can't think of them right now.